Ford's Colony Computer & Technology Club   

Date:              7 pm on Monday, October 15th, in the S&T Ballroom

Topic:            COMPUTERS 101

Speaker:        Howard Maltz


Our October meeting will be at 7 PM on Monday, October 15th 2018 in the S&T Ballroom. Subject will be COMPUTERS 101 presented by Howard Maltz who is one of our club’s board members and a lecturer on a number of interesting computer related subjects. 

We all use computer equipment of one kind or another, some of us quite frequently.  But just how much do we really understand about computers?  What is computer hardware: what basic components does it have that make it do what we want.  What is computer software: how is it put together, what is an operating system, and what is application software.  What is needed to connect to the Internet.  All of these components must work together to create the incredible symphony which gives us knowledge, entertainment, and power to provide solutions to almost everything we need.  

Some of us may ask “Do we really need to know that?”  Our answer is a resounding YES, at least at a level where we can understand the basics of this incredibly important tool.  Compare this to having to understand the basics of how our cars work:  what are the functions of the steering wheel, gas pedal, brakes, and the various components.  We could not use our vehicles safely or effectively without that knowledge.  COMPUTERS 101 will help us to be better and smarter computer users.  So come to the meeting and LEARN.